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The publication division was set up for connecting directors with research, policy and thought leadership. IOD’s extensive range of in-depth professional portfolio of Handbooks to help directors and senior professionals to refresh and further develop and update their boardroom and business skills. IOD publishes con-densed guides as ’Handbooks for Directors’, covering total range of corporate functional areas. IOD’s monthly journal, ’Director Today’, is a leading boardroom periodical, to keep the Directors and Boardroom community updated.

IOD Publicatons

  • IOD's extensivse range of in-depth professional books and conference material help member directors to refresh and further develop and update their boardroom and business skills. Director's Information and Advisory services are to be further supported by corporate tax and legal helpline.
  • IOD publishes a large number of books and journals throughout the year, to keep their members updated on current and emerging corporate director and board related public, legal, and policy issues and trends through IOD and related websites, bringing out papers, survey reports, monthly journal (Quality Times), Director's Handbooks, Winners Digest,Conference Proceedings and Souvenirs.
  • IOD continues to be at the forefront in driving industry and research based surveys and reports, on topical subjects concerning boardroom functioning. It publishes over 5 books each of international conference proceedings and souvenirs, each year.
  • IOD publishes a range of 'Handbooks for Directors', covering total range of corporate functional areas. Over 10 such handbooks have already been published and highly rated as ready reckoner reference books for director’s shelves.
  • IOD's monthly journal 'Quality Times', is one of the leading boardroom periodical in India. It covers various professional events, seminars and workshop, and includes articles from eminent industry and thought leaders. A professional journal called 'Director Today' is proposed to be launched during the Silver Jubilee Year of IOD - 2015.
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