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Mr. Rajeev Dubey
Chairman of Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd
Mahindra Steel Service Centre Ltd
Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd
Director on the Board of Fifth Gear Ventures Ltd.
Mr. Arun Balakrishnan
Former CMD, HPCL
Founder Chairman - HPCL-Mittal Energy Ltd.
Honorary Chairman - IOD: Bangalore
Mr. H.N.Shrinivas
Adviser at Tata Trusts
Former Sr. Vice President - HR of
India Hotels (Taj Group).
Mr. Kavinder Singh
Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited
Anandorup Ghose
Dr. Shalini Sarin
Board Member I Mentor I Advisor
CHRO I Clean Energy I Entrepreneur

Executive Council Members:

Mr. R.G. Rajan
Board Member on National Governing Council & All India Honoraary Director of IOD Former Chairman RCF Ltd & Former Chairman, SCOPE
Mr. M.R Prasanna
Arbitrator, Mediator & Advocate
Mr. J. Sundharesan
Governance & Compliance Advisor

The Institute of Directors, Bengaluru, invitees you to participate in its flagship

Regional Webinar - NRC: The Game Changer Board Committee

About the Webinar

The Nomination and Remuneration Committees (NRC) make decisions that reflect and support the people and culture of the business. Like the other Board Committees such as Audit Committee (AC) etc, the NRC also delves deep into the issues that need the attention of the Board and recommend a course of action for the Board’s approval. Over the years, the role and importance of the NRC has grown exponentially as succession planning, employee retention, organizational values, culture and purpose has become key components in organizational longevity, growth and value creation. Board members in the NRC therefore needs to be sensitized with these new expectations from Promoters, Management & Stakeholders and exposed to philosophies & methodologies to achieve the same. This Webinar is aimed at facilitating these new learning's – for Board Members and those aspiring to be on the Board.